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Be introduced to the latest creative development tool to journey to the UK...you won't be disappointed!


How are you today? Take a time out to check in with yourself and see how you're feeling

In every situation, there are countless points of view. The challenge is to observe life/work issues from a different perspective.

Communicate in an authentic, intimate and non-judgemental manner with employees, co-workers, and clients, but most importantly, with yourself.

Formulate new insights and define actions for the future.
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Expand your professional toolkit and introduce an intuitive catalyst into your work process. Explore our creative games, journals, planners...


Our training programs are guaranteed to engage, inspire and be interactive. Learn new ways to utilise visual stimuli and experiential learning methods into your one-on-one and group sessions.

Jamie is currently the UK's only Certified Trainer of the Points of You methodology and tools. Be one of the first to experience Points of You, see our blog page for details of our up and coming courses and tasters. Or contact us to bring Points of You into your organisation.

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