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For the last 18 months we have been working alongside the senior team of a Media company here in Yorkshire, UK.

When they came to us the team had never entered the world of personal development, it was entirely in their BLIND SPOT.

We started by working one to one with the MD of the company to expose him to the power of focusing his leadership to get balance between task and people.  We are often focused on the TASK only, and there are limitations to this focus.

With a handful of coaching sessions under his belt he soon realised that there was something in this "mystical" people development 'business’ and invited us to work with him to build a PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY.

We started the process of building the strategy by uncovering what the VALUES of the company were and how they might look in the BEHAVIOUR and CULTURE of the business.  This had to align to the company brand, but also what the future business strategy was too.  Because a VALUE can be so innate, we took a considered and decisive approach whilst weaving in our PURPLE-NESS.

The next step was to build a framework in which to direct, encourage and measure what good looks like for every current and future member of the business.  Each member of the team were issued a PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT DIARY to self-analyse and plan towards being even better at HOW they do what they do for the company.  This offers clarity and direction to each team member, and also provides context for great conversations and career focus.

We also weaved in some fun and insightful development days to really open up the opportunities for learning...and the team were ready to go! The next steps are to consider how to keep the focus going and look at how it plays into the RECRUITMENT process too!

THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO, WE DO TOO! Thanks to the team for this great piece about their vision!

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