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Established in 2011 by Ali Carruthers-Illingworth and Jamie Illingworth, Purple Pebble People was borne of a desire to share their experience and expertise in people development, and enable others to find their true meaning, true worth and true potential.

Supported by a network of experts across all aspects of human, personal and organisational development, our aim is to help you gain a better understanding of who you are, what you wish to achieve, and the hidden strengths and tools you have to reach your personal or professional objectives.

Meet the team

Authenticity, approachability, positivity and creativity are central to our ethos. While we take our work with you seriously, we also believe that training and coaching should be engaging, enjoyable, powerful and inspirational – so don’t be surprised if you have some fun during your time with us!

Everything we teach and every exercise we set has been personally tried and tested by us – we deliver from the heart, but draw on real life experience and successes to ensure validity and results.
About us

Introducing Ali

A former head of learning and development and with a bevy of experience in senior roles within FTSE 100 companies, Ali has more than 20 years of experience in learning and organisational development, facilitation and coaching.

Highly skilled, savvy and emotionally intelligent, Ali is a dedicated advocate of research, science and dealing in facts – which is complemented by her warmth, communication skills and non-judgemental approach.

A qualified NLP practitioner, she’s fascinated by the way the brain works, and how by changing our thoughts, we have the power to change our lives.

Having supported individuals and businesses around the globe - and with her background in driving large scale transformation programmes and ERP projects internationally – Ali excels in helping organisations to identify and implement changes for exponential growth.

With a deep interest in spirituality, Ali also enjoys giving card readings.
About us

Introducing Jamie

With an inherent drive to challenge himself, Jamie has spent time in the Forces and in a variety of roles during his career, before finding that his true calling was in the self development and leadership coaching arena with a people and leadership company based in the Lake District – Jamie not only delivered their core programmes, but also ran their apprentice development division. While there, he specialised in a blend of outdoor, experiential and theoretical development, using a ‘hands on’ approach in order to accelerate and cement learning, assisting a diverse range of organisations such as a Premiership football club, FTSE100 businesses and many PLCs, including a prestige car brand.

Jamie’s practical and genuine approach, along with his business insight, enables him to guide leadership teams within SMEs towards new opportunities. He has a special ability to distil the success secrets of larger organisations into practical and applicable strategies for development and growth.

He has a passion for equality and celebrating diversity, is an expert in personal development and relationships (of all kinds!), and has an unparalleled understanding of how business behaviour, vision and culture can impact on success – and has to start at the top!
About us

Johnathan Laing

Johnathan is a cultural transformational and motivational specialist with two decades of success in directly leading teams, supporting business transformation and driving performance.

Johnathan has worked extensively in the financial services industry in a broad range of disciplines including sales, operations, management, employee relations and training. Johnathan drives cultural transformation programmes by helping businesses develop a culture by design, rather than by default, helping clients understand the drivers behind their organisational culture and designing and delivering blueprints for cultural change.

Johnathan utilised diplomatic leadership skills as a foundation for leading the design and implementation of a cultural transformation programme across an international business, operating in 9 countries. He formulated, executed, and evaluated cross-functional decisions to achieve set objectives. As a sales specialist, Johnathan has coached and mentored various heads of Customer Service Centres on inbound and outbound sales, and senior field sales leaders on how to motivate front line sales representatives.

Outside the corporate world, Johnathan is passionate about helping others identify their dreams and achieve their goals through one-to-one coaching and mentoring. His inspiring and highly intuitive coaching skills have been sought out by numerous individuals including executives, small business owners and performers.

Johnathan is a blogger and the author of two books, “The Sales Conversation” and “Live The Life You Want” (both available on Amazon).
About us

Naomi Woods

Naomi is an experienced learning and development professional who is passionate about developing and growing the individuals and teams she works with.

With a broad background working within FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics and Education sectors she offers experience in operational as well as corporate roles. She has supported business change through the design and delivery of a variety of interventions from programme design to one to one coaching.

Naomi has supported many business change projects. This includes the design and facilitation of leadership and management development programmes which have helped leaders transition with the change alongside building their capability. Her experience includes the development and implementation of a successful business wide Graduate Scheme for the second largest food manufacturing company in the UK; and the design and delivery of a new PDR (Performance Development Review) framework for 6000 leaders across one of the big four food retailers,  Away from corporate organisations, Naomi has worked closely with the Executive Head in a forward thinking school to provide expertise and interventions to support their cultural change programme. She also worked with a school leadership team to develop a model for leadership and coaching with education, as well as designed and facilitated inset days and leadership coaching.

As an NLP master practitioner and an accredited practitioner of MBTI, CAPP Strengths Profiler and Cut-e Ability and personality assessment she has tools to hand that support those she works with to gain insights in a way that works for them. 

Naomi has a passion for making a difference to people, supporting them to flourish and grow in a way that works for them.   This passion drives her to about building legacy interventions that build capability for the short and longer term that have the individual at their heart profile.

Take a look at Naomi’s LinkedIn profile if you’d like to see more.
About us

Phill Slater

Phill is a learning and development professional, with more than twenty years’ experience, who is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations be the best that they can be.

He has a multi-industry background which includes working within Financial Services, Engineering, Management Consulting, Recruitment and Telecommunication. Phill is highly proficient in all areas of the learning cycle with a proven track record of providing successful development solutions to all levels of employees, from front line to executive level.

Phill has worked globally for several years and has facilitated leadership programmes across Europe and Mexico to several thousand delegates.

Using a combination of technical expertise and project/programme management skills alongside a high level of effective behaviours, he is able to positively influence organisational change to support the strategic aims of an organisation. Phill has a range of experience managing change projects, including the design and facilitation of global leadership and management development programmes.

Phill most enjoys the opportunity this work gives him to make a difference to the futures of those whose development he supports. Seeing somebody become the best they can be is what drives him on to be the best he can be every day.   Comfortable with challenge, he has a natural way of inspiring others through personal development to achieve success.

Take a look at Phill’s LinkedIn profile if you’d like to see more.

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