Working With Us

Working With Us

Your journey to self development starts here!

Want to drive your global enterprise or SME forward through tailored organizational development consultation, or leadership/team training and coaching?

Looking for some quality life coaching to help you on your personal quest for self development?

At Purple Pebble People, we’re passionate about empowering individuals to unleash their potential and live life as the best version of themselves.

From personal relationships to leadership roles, team collaboration to organisational culture, our self development experts have the tools, tasks and training programmes to deliver real results – all delivered with the perfect balance of professionalism and fun.

A hub for personal, professional and
organisational development.

Whether you want to develop who you are or what you do, we’re here to motivate and inspire you to reach higher and achieve more.

Through one-off development sessions or comprehensive training and coaching programmes, we can support you in all aspects of self development, helping you to:  

  • Understand yourself
  • Define your purpose
  • Improve your relationship and communication skills
  • Develop positive thinking
  • Identify, recruit and nurture talent within your business
  • Become a better team player or leader
  • Accelerate organisational growth
  • Realise your true capabilities

While we offer plenty of practical help with tangible business and personal goals, we can also incorporate a spiritual element to our training for those of you who prefer to take a more holistic approach to your journey to self improvement.

Our development, coaching and training services.


If you’re feeling stuck, struggling to find purpose, or want to work out your next career move, our individual development support will help you find confidence, clarity and inspiration – and we also provide coaching for executives and business leaders.

Your business

From finding the right team in the first place, to establishing new improved ways of working in existing teams, we can help you to boost performance and collaboration, enhance relationships and uncover hidden strengths in your staff. We can also cater for teams from 4 to 400 people if you have an achievement or milestone to celebrate!

Your organisation

We can provide consultation and strategic support across all elements of organizational development and growth, from leadership training to relationships and culture, structure, processes, purpose, vision and values and much more. Our experience of working with global businesses ensures that we can take you where you want to go.

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