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At Purple Pebble People we love creating inspiring and memorable team events.

Whether it is a team building opportunity or a team development programme (linked to business objectives). We will support you to achieve a successful outcome.

  • Building High Performing Teams
    Become the best team you can be, undertand more about yourself, and your position in a team.

  • Team Celebrations
    If you have recently achieved a goal or milestone, let us organise an awesome and brilliant team celebration event. (Teams 4-400!).

  • Kickoff for New/Emerging Teams
    At Purple Pebble People we can help you uncover you team strengths to set you up for success.

  • Ways of Working for Teams
    Establishing team ways of working can help set the ground rules and create trust within a team, get in touch to find out more about our ways of working session.

We enjoy exploring strengths, and helping teams develop a way to work with them for a positive future. We can bring team events to your business site, or offer a selection of off-site venues, to suit all budgets.

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